My education and experience

My name is Roland Grießer and I’m a software engineer based in Fresach, Austria. I’ve been passionate about creating awesome software and learning about new technologies since my first internship as a developer in 2007, and I’ve gained experience in a lot of different areas since then.

I attended a high school with a focus on network engineering where I learned a lot of the basics about network stacks, web development and computer engineering. I was fascinated about being able to create my own software and wanted to improve my coding skills, so I started a part-time job as a Junior Software Developer at TPA Group.

After I graduated from high school, I switched to a full-time position at the same company and obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. Both degrees were organised as part-time programs, which allowed me to continue working full-time and finishing studies at the same time.

As I’ve always been interested in learning about other cultures and countries, I decided to write my Master Thesis in Barcelona, Spain. During this time, I was still working for TPA, and it was the first time I’ve been working remotely for a company. I really liked the freedom and that’s when I decided to found my own company, offering software development and IT consulting. The following four years I’ve been working from places all over the world, offering my services as a freelancer for different companies.

In June 2018, I’ve joined the startup Bitmovin, where I’m currently working as a full-stack engineer on their video analytics product. On the side, I’m still working as a freelancer for different customers. Check out the portfolio page to find out more about some of the projects I’ve been working on in the past.


June 2018 –

Lead Software Engineer

Bitmovin / Klagenfurt, Austria
Bitmovin is a multimedia technology company which provides services that transcode digital video and audio to streaming formats using cloud computing, and streaming media players.

June 2015 –

Software Engineer & Consultant

Roland Grießer KG / Austria & Remote
Self-employed consultant offering software and web development, IT consulting, and project management for global clients and individuals.

February 2017 –
August 2018

Senior Tech Lead

Mailbird / Remote (company based in Palo Alto, CA)
Mailbird is a communication platform awarded as the best email client for Windows. The software connects all your favorite email, IM,
calendar, task and messaging apps into one. Currently 1.5M+ accounts are managed through Mailbird.

August 2007 –
July 2015

Lead Software Engineer

TPA Group / Klagenfurt, Austria
Led software development for headquarters of TPA, a leading company offering tax consulting and auditing services in 11 countries and 27
offices across Central and South Eastern Europe.



Exchange Semester

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / Barcelona, Spain
Master Thesis: Design and implementation of an HMI on an embedded PC based on a Qt application and a web page for a voltage sags emulator


Master of Science in Systems Design

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / Villach, Austria
Specialization: Remote Systems


Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / Villach, Austria
Specialization: Embedded Software


Technical College

Höhere technische Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt Villach / Villach, Austria
Specialization: Information and Network Technology


What I do

Desktop Applications

I have years of experience building desktop applications for Windows using C# and cross-platform applications using Java.

Web Development

I have experience in front- and backend development: no matter if you need an API written in Java, ASP.NET or PHP, or a web application using React or Angular, I can help you out.

Data Analysis

I have been working on several projects that required data analytics, reporting and visualisation before, I'm fluent in SQL and can help you structure your data.

Mobile Applications

I'm experienced in building native applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, as well as building cross-platform applications using Xamarin.

Web Design

I love to create beautiful websites using Wordpress. I also have experience in developing custom themes and plugins, if existing ones don't cover your requirements.

Reliable Results

With more than 10 years of experience in designing, planning and implementing software projects for multiple clients, you can be assured that I will deliver high quality services and excellent results.


Leave me a message


+43 650 6544670


Lusitznweg 167, 9712 Fresach, Austria

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